“Kizomba is to Dance, to party, to have Fun: to Live”



Dancekizomba East Midlands provides the best Kizomba lessons, workshops & parties!

Kizomba is the social dance that is sweeping the World! Kizomba music is extremely beautiful: it is explosive, sensual and contagious, it has catchy melodies, heart racing beats and a dance which seduces our souls.

Perfect for anyone who wants to enter the world of dance due to its softness and easy basic steps.

Allowing any novice to gradually evolve to more complex steps, and importantly allowing beginners to enjoy the pleasure of social dancing much earlier than any other type of dance in pairs.

Dance Kizomba UK

Dance Kizomba was created to ease you into the wonderful world of Kizomba, one of the most popular dancing styles sweeping through the UK’s Latin and Afro dance scene.

Kizomba has been growing in popularity at venues that traditionally cater for Crossbody Salsa and Bachata, which were a dominant force until now.

Kizomba music is characterized by a slow, romantic and sultry rhythm, which is danced, accompanied by a partner, performing smooth and sensuous steps remeiniscent of the Tango.

A close partner connection allows dancers to move in unison creating elaborate moves that stem from the 3 basic steps which have their origins based in Semba routines.

The beauty of Kizomba is that, to an observer, the dance seems simplistic, as it is performed at a slow pace. The basic steps are easily learned by a beginner, so once you have become familiar with the various tempos and rhythms and develop an awareness of the partner to partner connection, an exciting world of possibilities is opened to you.

Dance Kizomba’s structured teaching style will allow novice dancers to quickly progress through the basic Kizomba steps. Once you have picked up the basic movements you will learn how to express your individual musicality and artistry as you express youself to sound you hear.

Weekly Classes



Queen Of Bradgate

97 High Street, Leicester, LE1 4JB

8pm – Foundations


9pm – Improvers



White Lion Bar & Kitchen, 24 Middle Street, Beeston, NG9 1FX

8pm – Foundations


9pm – Improvers

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Next Dance Kizomba Event

Kizomba Paixao is back for another Two Room Extravaganza at the White Lion Bar & Kitchen in Nottingham on Saturday 24th June. As usual we have a dedicated Salsa, Bachata and Latin Mix room in addition to our 100% Kizomba room.

Our special guest this month is the amazing ★TWOCEE FERNANDES Live, singing KIZOMBA (11 PM sharp)  playing for us will be ★DJ BLAISE (London) alongside our resident, DJ M (Sagar Mody) in the Kizomba room! While DJ Errol (Errol Harriott) will be giving you his fabulous Salsa mix in the Latin room.

Francesca & Sagar are once again providing a free Kizomba Lesson at 9.30PM, also there is a free Semba workshop with ★Paulo Raimundo★ at 9.30PM then straight into the party vibe til 4am.

Our wonderful host Sergio will be there to tickle your tastebuds with the best in Portuguese and Brazilian food, drinks and cocktails throughout the night.

For full information and tickets to this very special event just hit the gold button below

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Kizomba is to Dance, to party, to have Fun .

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