“Kizomba is to Dance, to party, to have Fun: to Live”



Fran & Sagar have been teaching Kizomba, Semba, Salsa and Bachata in the UK for 5 years. With the consistent goal of bringing the dancers closer to the music, their teaching style involves a lot of musicality and relating each move to the core rhythm of the genre.

Combining this base and building on the techniques of leading and following, their classes aim to leave the dancers with a lot of universal techniques to take to the dance floor to aid them to build their own style!

They produce high quality routines every year for Loughborough Students Salsa Societies Performance Team, often teaching absolute beginners to be stage ready with in a year.

Francesca prides herself in inspiring beginners to learn Kizomba, devising clear teaching methods to ease the transition from non-dancer to kizomba addict.

Sagar’s alter ego is DJ.M International DJ of Kizomba, Bachata, Salsa and World Music. Apart from being our resident Kizomba DJ, regular club nights and local and international booking are his speciality.

More about DJ.M at: djmjukebox.tumblr.com


Our Classes and Workshops have been designed to encourage participation and a comfortable relaxed atmosphere that builds a good environment for learning and creativity. The principles below help to create this atmosphere and run as a theme throughout teaching.

CONNECTION – Kizomba as a dance, needs connection and respect between dancers. Connection comes from the way you hold your partner, the joined balance you need and the way you transfer that balance through the couple. It is strengthened through respect for your partner.

BASIC – The music – Kizomba comes from the music and feeling. Musicality combined with few and fluid rules in Kizomba allow for a million combinations of individual steps…Why not use them? Why not learn it from day one?

LANGUAGE – You wouldn’t talk another language to somebody that doesn’t understand it? Kizomba has its own language of movement conveyed though leading and following, the leads need to be clear and concise to be effective so the follower can understand. Equally, the faster the follower can decode the lead’s language the nicer and more interesting the dance can be.

ADAPTATION – As with spoken language sometimes things can be misunderstood. Whilst dancing we need to adapt to this and continue with a smooth correction or adaptation to enjoy the dance. Lots of beginners worry they have done something wrong, teaching them to adapt subdues this fear.

ENJOYMENT – There’s no point doing it if you don’t enjoy it. Steps should be exciting and enjoyable to learn not monotonous and discouraging. Different learning activities enable a creative, varied and fun atmosphere.

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Kizomba is to Dance, to party, to have Fun .

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