"Kizomba is to Dance, to Party, to have Fun: to Live"





Here's some of the questions you ask us on a regular basis about classes, parties and starting out.

Do I need a partner, dance shoes or special clothes to do lessons?...

The short answer is NO to all the above. You do not need to bring a partner to learn in our lessons as we rotate through all the available partners to help you learn to learn to lead and follow in social dancing situation. Coming for lessons, you won't need special dance shoes or clothes, the most important thing is to just be comfortable... and ladies if you are wearing heels make sure they aren't too high.

Do I need any experience to join in?...

All classes will cater to the level of the students who attend. We always aim to provide for everyone who comes along; there will be easy moves for beginners, interesting moves for intermediates and challenging moves for more advanced dancers.

Is there Parking?...

There is! And it's FREE!! There is a car park located behind The Swan in the Rushes alternatively down the road at Tanvic Garage.

What is Kizomba?...​

Kizomba is a partner dance orginating from PALOP countries (Angola, Cape Verde, Portugal) that has spread across the globe. Just search Youtube to find millions of videos to see the dance.​

How much do classes cost?...

​£5 per hour with discount for students or mulitple classes in a day

Do you take private bookings?...

​Please use our contact page to contact us for information on teaching private lessons or to make a private booking for parties.

How do I know if a class is cancelled?...

Stay up to date with the latest notifications about class changes by liking us on Facebook...

If a class is cancelled we will post it in advance to the page and class 'event', but if in doubt do not hesitate to call or message us. Once you've been to a class we will be able to email you any changes to the schedule.

When do ClubKizomba Parties run?

ClubKizomba parties happen when ever there are 5 Fridays with in a month, on the 5th Friday. For 2016 this is: 29th Jan, 29th April, 29th July, 30th Sept, 30th Dec.

If the information you need is not listed here please use the Contact page to message us or alternatively find us on Facebook.

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