“Kizomba is to Dance, to party, to have Fun: to Live”

Dance Kizomba Summer Sunday’s

Summer is exciting. Not just down to the sun greeting us again but summer is the time when Dance Kizomba is presenting an opprtunity for everyone to learn Kizomba from A-Z.

A series of 4 Sundays from June to September which cover, Kizomba 101, Kizomba with all its cultural glory, sub-genres like Tarraxinha and evolutions like Urban Kiz plus the mother of Kizomba: Semba!

If you love to dance Kizomba and want to learn more about the culture, Semba, the dance that gave birth to this movement and all the new school evolutions, then these courses are a must for you!



Bruno Matos (Portugal/UK), Lauren Rafferty (UK), Tania Mendonça (Angola/Portugal/UK), Mark Moore (UK), Paulo Raimundo (Angola/Portugal/UK), Rico Suave (Guinea Bissau/UK), Lorraine Gomes (UK), Trevor (UK), Francesca (UK), Sagar-DJM (India/UK), more artists TBC

4th June 2017

2nd July 2017

6th August 2017

3rd September 2017

Ticket Information

Each Sunday starts from 2pm and runs through till 11pm, with special workshops. The price also includes access to Sergios famous Angolan & Portuguese Buffet, a chance to sit, chat and learn about Kizomba from those born in the culture and a pure Kizomba party with DJM!

Tickets cost only £25 per Sunday or you can secure VIP Tickets for just £75 which entitles you to full entry for all 4 Sundays.

To purchase your tickets just make your selection via the PayPal button opposite.

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24 Middle Street, Beeston

Summer Sunday's Map

Free Parking

WHITE LION has its own parking, which is FREE for White Lion patrons (the £1 charge is only for others, so dont worry and park if you’re attending the party)

PARKING SPACES over from the traffic lights from White Lion are FREE in the evening till 8AM in the morning. This is right opposite the Teso Extra on Station Road.


Bus and Tram stop is right opposite the venue with plenty of NIGHT Buses running ALL NIGHT to and from Nottingham Centre, Long Eaton and Derby. The train station is just an 8 minute walk away too.

We look forward to seeing you all there for a fantastic Summer of Sunshine, Fun and Kizomba.

Dance Kizomba

Kizomba is to Dance, to party, to have Fun .

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