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Kizomba Paixao Special 28th Oct

PREBOOK special! get tickets at the bar before 30th September for just £5 and get a FREE drink on the night

Tickets available from the White Lion Bar and Dance Kizomba Lessons Sagar/ Francesca in person or via the PayPal button opposite.

Name on Ticket

Drum Roll….
We will have this FABULOUS LINE UP IN 1 PARTY!!!!
★★★★TANIA MENDONCA (Angola/Pt) ★★★★
★★★★DJ SANDRO COSTELINHA (Portugal) ★★★★

Paixao will be a superhit Halloween Night- a UV/NEON special, with amazing guests… all the way from Portugal!

The beautiful Tania will be teaching Kizomba.

DJ Sandro Costelinha on the Decks in the Kizomba Room- a veteran, long time standing and highly respected DJ for 20 years!!

DJM alongside DJ Sandro

Klaudia Melodia and DJ Ruivo in the Salsa and Bachata Room

9.30 Lessons
10.30 Party Be ready this one won’t end until the next day’s breakfast 😉

2 ROOM Party in Nottingham, White Lion Bar & Kitchen. Join us for a fantastic party at this venue with a brilliant party room, great sound and lights, and the bar/kitchen serving some wonderful Portuguese & Brazilian food and drinks. #paixao #djm #dancekizomba




24 Middle Street, Nottingham


WHITE LION has its own parking, which is FREE for White Lion patrons (the £1 charge is only for others, so dont worry and park if you’re attending the party)

PARKING SPACES over from the traffic lights from White Lion are FREE in the evening till 8AM in the morning. This is right opposite the Teso Extra on Station Road.


Bus and Tram stop is right opposite the venue with plenty of NIGHT Buses running ALL NIGHT to and from Nottingham Centre, Long Eaton and Derby. The train station is just an 8 minute walk away too.

Kizomba Partner Work With Style


£20 per person including Workshops and Lunch (what would going to the White Lion be without Sergios fantastic grub?!)

Pre booking is essential!


Tickets are Limited to 30 people (15 leaders & 15 followers) we do this to ensure quality workshops with enough space and an even ratio, please book early to avoid disappointment.


Tickets available from the White Lion Bar and Dance Kizomba Lessons Sagar/ Francesca in person or via the PayPal button opposite.

Partnerwork with Style
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11.15 –  11.45 Styling & Isolation warm up

12.00 –  12.45 Kizomba Partnerwork with Style

1.00   –  2.00   LUNCH

2.00   –  2.45   Style within Musicality – Kizomba vs Semba

3.00   –  3.45   Style within Musicality – Tarraxa Slow

4.00   –  4.45   Style within Musicality – Tarraxa Hard

Paixao Party Video

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Kizomba is to Dance, to party, to have Fun .

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