Kizomba Decoded

"Kizomba is to Dance, to Party, to have Fun: to Live"



The idea behind Kizomba Decoded is to explain and breakdown Kizomba for leaders and followers which will enable them to dance more confidently in social situations without the worry of having to remember steps. They include a lot of content in a short amount of time to fast track your advancement in Kizomba.

The idea came about after hearing some dancers had been taught in a way that meant their moves didn’t work in social situations, mainly because the leads were not explained to a level that could be easily digested and replicated - often classes were even taught with men one side of the room and women the other with no attempt to teach how to actually lead or follow the step just to copy it. For confident dancers coming to Kizomba from other dancer forms this can be managed but it also leaves a lot of beginners dismayed and believing they can’t dance Kizomba, when really they just need it explained in further depth.

The full information of the course is in the downloadabel booklet but in brief; the aim of the workshops is to teach a set of principles and values in Kizomba to explain the language of the dance.

Each Decoded course covers a half day including break and practice time. The gender spilt will be kept as even as possible by pre-booking.

The Decoded+ workshops have been designed to build on what is learnt in Kizomba Decoded. For this reason we would encourage participants to do the beginners workshops first especially if they are unsure of their Kizomba.

To become a Decoded Partner and host workshops local to you please use the contact page or email

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