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dancing kizomba is!”
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You guys are amazing organizers.
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Great African flavour and a superb time
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Dance Kizomba UK

Dance Kizomba was created to ease you into the wonderful world of Kizomba, one of the most popular dancing styles sweeping through the UK’s Latin and Afro dance scene. Kizomba has been growing in popularity at venues that traditionally cater for Crossbody Salsa and Bachata, which were a dominant force until now. Kizomba music is characterized by a slow, romantic and sultry rhythm, which is danced, accompanied by a partner, performing smooth and sensuous steps remeiniscent of the Tango. A close partner connection allows dancers to move in unison creating elaborate moves that stem from the 3 basic steps which have their origins based in Semba routines.

The beauty of Kizomba is that, to an observer, the dance seems simplistic, as it is danced at a slow pace. The basic steps are easily learned by a beginner, so once you have become familiar with the various tempos and rhythms and develop an awareness of the partner to partner connection, an exciting world of possibilities is opened to you. Dance Kizomba’s structured teaching style will allow novice dancers to quickly progress and fall in love with Kizomba.


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