Learning to Dance Kizomba has never been easier

Dance Kizomba teaches classes across the East Midlands as well as National and International events. We have been helping people just like you to change their social life, become more active and make lots of new friends since 2013. In this time we have developed a structured set of classes to help you go from “two left feet” to social dancer in as little time as possible.

Our foundations modules will give you all the skills required to ask a partner and dance your first Kizomba tracks. We put emphasis on simple but effect moves and how to join them together. After this level up easily to continue your journey.

Find out below about our Foundation level packages.

If you have previous experience with Kizomba and want to join at a higher level please contact fran@dancekizomba.co.uk to enquire about spaces in our upper level courses.

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I  have an unpredictable schedule and can't guarantee I can make class every week. I'm going away this month so I'll have to miss a few classes

I want flexibility in my classes!


I want the best results in a short time. I want to learn proper technique and make sure I am doing the steps correctly so I can move up quickly.

I want to learn kizomba now!


Want to learn Kizomba quickly and easily, and make new friends? Just want to get out there and try something new? Want to expand your social circle?

I'm worried I have two left feet!

These are just some of the packages we offer. For higher level packages or specialised packages visit our shop

“Improve Quickly and Develop Confidence”

I had been to 1 or 2 Kizomba classes but I was very inexperienced. My reservations before starting were that my knowledge of Kizomba was limited and I didn’t know how quickly I could pick it up. The classes have been well structured with effective instruction to improve quickly and develop confidence in dancing. The best thing is definitely the improved confidence and meeting new people!



“My confidence has grown plus I’ve made some lovely friends”

I found ‘Dance Kizomba’ classes by word of mouth and haven’t looked back! I was initially worried about walking into a venue on my own and not knowing anyone. I needn’t have worried as everyone was friendly and welcoming. Its been a great consolidation and my confidence has grown plus I’ve made some lovely friends. I adore the music and at times I lose myself. The best thing about learning to dance Kizomba is the compliments – being told by several dancers that I am a responsive follower and the greatest compliment was that I “danced like a snowflake”!



Nottingham – Mondays

Faradays Bar

Corner of Victoria and Pelham Street,
Nottingham, NG1 2EW

Leicester – Tuesdays

African Caribbean Centre

Maidstone Road,
Leicester, LE2 0UA

Teaching Philosophy

 – Kizomba as a dance, needs connection and respect between dancers. Connection comes from the way you hold your partner, the joined balance you need and the way you transfer that balance through the couple. It is strengthened through respect for your partner.

BASIC – The music – Kizomba comes from the music and feeling. Musicality combined with few and fluid rules in Kizomba allow for a million combinations of individual steps…Why not use them? Why not learn it from day one?

LANGUAGE – You wouldn’t talk another language to somebody that doesn’t understand it? Kizomba has its own language of movement conveyed though leading and following, the leads need to be clear and concise to be effective so the follower can understand. Equally, the faster the follower can decode the lead’s language the nicer and more interesting the dance can be.

ADAPTATION – As with spoken language sometimes things can be misunderstood. Whilst dancing we need to adapt to this and continue with a smooth correction or adaptation to enjoy the dance. Lots of beginners worry they have done something wrong, teaching them to adapt subdues this fear.

ENJOYMENT – There’s no point doing it if you don’t enjoy it. Steps should be exciting and enjoyable to learn not monotonous and discouraging. Different learning activities enable a creative, varied and fun atmosphere.