“Connect” Kizomba Foundations Course

Where You’re At…

You want to try new activities, meet new people have fun and find a gentle form of exercise. You’d like to learn to dance Kizomba and haven’t given it a go before. You want to ease into dancing, meet new people and improve your social life.

The Problems You Have Right Now…

Whether you’ve tried to learn Kizomba before or not, you want to learn to dance in an easy, concise way with a structured set of lessons.  You’d like to feel more confident on the social dance floor by knowing you have correct technique and a good library of moves you can use. Meeting people is priority and you’d love to find or expand a circle of friends that share your interests.

What You Need Help With Right Now…

You need help from experienced teachers with planned and proven lessons that will encourage you to get dancing in no time. You want the confidence to ask a partner to dance at social events and have a fun and interesting dance with correct technique and varied moves. Trying new activities, meeting new people,  and having fun are priorities in in you life but you want help and encouragement in order to meet these goals.


The program that will suit you best is the “Connect” Foundations Course


Get connected with our weekly Kizomba classes!

Even if you think you have two left feet our Foundations Kizomba course will enable you to dance Kizomba quickly and easily!

Our group classes are fun and friendly, all the students are of a similar level and eager to welcome new participants to the group. You don’t need special shoes or a partner to attend…just a smile ?

3 month courses consist of three modules- Foundations 1 ‘Turns’, Foundations 2 ‘Saidas’, Foundations 3 ‘Opens & Blocks’ The course can be started at the beginning of any calendar month as all Foundations modules are equally levelled and start from absolute basics to integrate new students quickly into the class


Package includes…

  • 3 Calendar Months (12-13 Approx) of Weekly Foundations Group Class
  • Weekly Class Video Recording to practice at home

Choose Your Location…

Your classes had been recommended to me and it was a nice, friendly group!

Before I started the classes, I’d done some Kizomba classes before, but not for a long time, but had never really got into the social dancing scene. My reservations were the same as going anywhere new (finding a new venue, parking, new people etc), but your classes had been recommended to me and it was a nice, friendly group! The learning process has been good and I really enjoy the classes.