“Flex” Kizomba Foundations Course

Where You’re At…

You’d like to learn to dance Kizomba and haven’t given it a go before. You want to ease into dancing and improve your social life. You have a busy schedule and can’t make week night classes

The Problems You Have Right Now…

Whether you’ve tried to learn Kizomba before or not, you want to learn to dance in an easy, concise way with a structured set of lessons.  You’d like to feel more confident on the social dance floor by knowing you have correct technique and a good library of moves you can use. You’d like to learn at your own pace, without a large group of people in attendance.

What You Need Help With Right Now…

You need help from experienced teachers with planned and proven lessons that will encourage you to get dancing in no time. You want the confidence to ask a partner to dance at social events and have a fun and interesting dance with correct technique and varied moves. You need flexibility help to fit classes into your schedule and need a focused environment to learn in. You’d like to learn with a partner of your choosing at the best pace for you both.


The program that will suit you best is the “Flex” Foundations Course


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Even if you think you have two left feet our Flex Foundations Kizomba course will enable you to dance Kizomba quickly and easily!

Our private tuition is focused and flexible, in a private environment you can really make the most of 1-2-1 attention from our teachers. You don’t need special shoes or clothes…just a smile ?

The Flex package is designed for 2 people – one leader and one follower. Traditionally these roles are gender assigned but in private lessons accommodate any pairings.

Time allowing the Flex package covers everything the group class modules cover, but as individual couples all learn at different paces the course will cover as much information as possible or include more practice time – It really does depend on you.


Package includes…

  • 9 hours of private tuition (6 x1.5hr sessions to be taken over 6 months)

Choose Your Location…

“I would recommend private tuition to anyone wishing to progress their Kizomba dancing”

“I had attended a small number of Kizomba workshops and random lessons over the years but never managed to transfer what I’d learned into my social dancing. Even with an experienced, solid leader I would often struggle to follow. It’s difficult for me to commit to a regular evening class because of my work commitments so really wanted lessons at a time to suit me. The ‘one to one’ basis of private lessons also meant that I could progress at the right pace and to the best level for me. I love to dance and I enjoy the process of learning a new skill but especially enjoy any lesson which has a clear and proper structure. Clearly, Fran was well-prepared and this made me happy! We covered the basics with a good mix of marking the steps and dancing; I also valued all the extra information she provided on musicality, her tips on technique and her thoughtful guidance throughout. I would recommend Fran’s private tuition to anyone wishing to progress their Kizomba dancing and look forward to progressing further myself in the future.”