Leicester Kizomba Beginners-Improver’s Combined Course

£45.00 on the 1st of each month

Monthly Course

Tuesdays from 7.30pm

Learn Kizomba the right way with our comprehensive schedule of Kizomba classes in Leicester every Tuesday evening. Our Improver’s cover a range of subjects in monthly courses to gain a better understanding of Kizomba as a dance and a culture including touching upon Semba, Tarraxinha and Urban Kiz.

Our Improver’s courses are designed to follow on from our Foundations modules. Please ensure you have completed all 3 foundations modules before signing up to an Improvers course. More details below…

First payment: 01/11/2021


Join our Improver’s Kizomba Course today!

Courses begin on the first Tuesday of every calendar month. Your classes will start from the next monthly course start date .

Tuesdays from 7.30-9.30pm – please arrive 5-10 minutes before class start time for registration

Brick & Beam, 12 Queen Street (near The Curve)  Leicester LE1 1QW

In 2 hours per week hone you foundations skills and learn to improve your Kizomba with monthly modules focusing on a key aspect of the dance and speciality modules in Semba, Tarraxinha and Urban styles to expand your dancing knowledge.

All our memberships include:

  • 20% off Dance Kizomba Merchandise
  • 10% off Dance Kizomba Workshops
  • Access to our Online Class Videos (coming soon)

Monthly Modules Included:

  • Beginners – Turns
  • Beginners – Saidas
  • Beginners – Opens
  • Improvers – Semba
  • Improvers – Tarraxinha
  • Improvers – UrbanKiz
  • Improvers – Saida Variations 1
  • Improvers – Saida Variations 2
  • Improvers – Creating Slow Steps
  • Improvers – Open Variations
  • Improvers – Blocks and Rocks
  • Improvers – Leg Tricks
  • Improvers – Syncopation (double time)
  • Improvers – Further Turns
  • Improvers – Style and Body movement

Monthly membership includes one beginners module and one improvers module. Modules repeat periodically.

Our combined courses are designed for students that feel they want to progress but still need to work on technique of the foundations of the dance. Please ensure you have completed all 3 foundations modules once before signing up to an Improver’s course. Please contact fran@dancekizomba.co.uk with any queries about content, dance level required start dates or any other questions you may have.

Whereas we do our best to keep our admin up to date, it is always best to bring a printed receipt to your first class especially if booking in the last 48 hours before course start dates.